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Learn What to Expect from Your OB/GYN exam to Help You Relax

It’s best to check the steps that will be followed during your first OB/GYN exam so it doesn’t take you by surprise – otherwise, there is no reason to panic or to be more stressed out about this than about any other regular visit to any doctor’s cabinet. Previous preparations are not usually required (you might want to contact the cabinet by phone and ask if you need to do anything special, if in doubt). It’s recommended to avoid having sexual intercourse or douching for at least 24 hours previous to your OB/GYN exam, because irritation may skew any test results.

Obgyn Near MeYou will be asked a few general questions about your health condition and your family history; a nurse will most likely check your blood pressure, and blood tests may be done, if required. As part of the OB/GYN exam, the doctor will examine the outside of your vagina, and will use a speculum to check the inside and the cervix. There is nothing painful – it may be vaguely unpleasant and you may feel some pressure, but that’s all. For a Pap test, the doctor uses a small brush to take a swab – again, it’s not painful in the least. It’s also a very important exam to insure your overall health condition, so it shouldn’t be skipped under any circumstances.

Rest Assured Your Doctors Has Taken More Than an OB/GYN Course

As with everything else, it’s wise to research a bit the cabinet that you’ll be visiting, but you don’t need to fret about your doctor’s qualifications; as with every other field of medicine, there are very tough qualifications a person has to present before opening a practice cabinet. You can set your mind at ease that your doctor has not taken an OB/GYN course online and hang up a diploma on the wall – that’s not possible under the current legislation.

However, it’s wise to check the experiences other patients have gone through, so you have a general idea of how things are. Some may prefer a doctor who’s as thorough as possible, but somewhat slower; others want to get this done as soon as possible. In some cases, the very best practices may be overcrowded, leading to significantly higher waiting times. Above all, the doctor’s manners with the patients are of the utmost importance, in order to make your first OB/GYN exam as relaxing as possible – so you’ll want to check what other people have to say. In many cities you’ll find cabinets that specialize in working with teenagers, but, even if not, you’re sure to find a health care professional to set you mind at ease and walk you through this experience without any problems.